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Just as an effective blurb can be used to market a published work, it can also be used to market your work to agents and editors as part of your pitch or query letter!

A good query letter keeps it short and sweet and hooks your target audience into wanting more! Let BlurbCopy help you craft the blurb/summary portion of your query letter.

Example Query:

Dear Editor of My Dreams:

[Introduction]: I am seeking representation for my historical romance novel, A Pocketful of Ashes, complete at 93,000 words.


When Jessa Palmer journeys to rescue her late half-sister’s daughter from a tyrant of a father, she discovers someone—or something—wants to ensure she is no more successful at escaping the castle on the cliffs than her half-sister, Lily, had been.

Launched on her rescue mission by a mysterious letter, Jessa follows in Lily’s footsteps to a grim castle in the wilds of Cornwall and into the arms of its dark master, Captain Dashiell Tremayne. Bitter, brooding, and tragically scarred, he believes Jessa is a carbon copy of her manipulative, unfaithful half-sister; he’s not about to let another treacherous woman into his home—or into his heart.

When the accidents begin, the danger intensifies, as does the heat between Jessa and Dash; soon, she’ll have to make a choice—follow Lily to a fiery death, or surrender to a man she cannot trust.

[Bio]: I am a former project manager and author of software technical manuals. I am a member of the Romance Writers of America, including the Kiss of Death chapter.

[Outro]: I can be contacted any time at [insert your contact info]. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

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