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Secret Hideaway by Carla Neggers

She was supposed to be cooling off. Instead, things are heating up.

Ellen Galway has been living life on overdrive. It’s not just her job as a newly minted Texas prosecutor. Her relationship with Luke Jackson is also getting overheated. A whirlwind trip to Saratoga Springs to hear her sister Maggie’s presentation offers the perfect chance for a cooling off period.

Ellen never wanted to fall for a Texas Ranger, but keeping him in the “fling” category is proving difficult, especially when the impossible man keeps knocking down all her boundaries. Then Luke turns up in her hotel lobby.

Ellen’s sister had visited Luke in Texas but left before explaining why. His senses tell him she may be in the kind of trouble that needs a Texas Ranger to solve it. He’s determined not to let anything happen to Ellen or her sister. Then they discover a dangerous man with a grudge against Ellen may also have followed her to Saratoga Springs. And Maggie has disappeared. As Ellen joins with Luke in search of a remote cabin in Lake George, they must find a way to work together if they want to find Ellen’s sister alive.

New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers returns with this exciting novella plus two bonus short stories. In “On the Run,” Gus Winter takes on a killer in the White Mountains, and in “Cold Moonlight,” Ryan “Grit” Taylor proves he’s still a tough U.S. Navy SEAL. Note: “Cold Moonlight” is included in Love Is Murder, an anthology edited by Sandra Brown; “On the Run” is included in Thriller 2, an anthology edited by Clive Cussler.

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