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songinmyheartSong In My Heart, Lisa K. Cox

Four sisters…

The wild one. As the eldest, Trish has always been the free-spirited risk-taker.

The brainiac. Kayla’s non-stop life revolves around her children and volunteer work.

The caretaker. Childless, Julie spends her time caring for other people’s children.

The peacemaker. A single mother, Danni is the glue that holds her sisters together.

Four secrets…As Trish’s fiftieth birthday approaches, cracks appear in the sisters’ outwardly perfect lives. Never-married Trish is still looking for Mr. Right but keeps finding Mr. Wrong. Kayla, too busy with her whirlwind of kids and activities, finds her neglected marriage on the brink of destruction when a friend from her past reenters her life. Julie fears her dissatisfied husband may be looking for a way out. Only Danni appears to be truly happy. Finally overcoming the guilt of her failed first marriage, she’s engaged to a wonderful man. But terrifying medical symptoms threaten to blight her hopes and destroy her future.

The ties that bind them….Four women, and the men who love them, confront life’s challenges and discover that no matter what happens, the one thing that can be counted on is family.

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findingajobThe Art of Finding a Job in the New Economy, Doug Poynter


It’s no secret that today’s job market is one of the toughest in recent history. Life sometimes delivers seemingly cruel blows, but many times, a loss on one level creates an opportunity on another. In the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, Career Consultant and Coach Doug Poynter will show you what you need to do to get moving and land the job of your dreams!

He’s been where you are. Laid off from a good job, he used these techniques to not only find a new job, but to forge a new career. From truck drivers to Chief Executive Officers, Doug has helped hundreds of people find satisfying, fulfilling careers. This book will help you map out new strategies to not only find the job you’re looking for, but to make it yours!


Your resume is the key that will unlock the door to new opportunities. The candidate who can most effectively show a company how he or she can help the company solve its problems or achieve its goals is the candidate who has the best shot at getting hired. This book provides tips and tricks to help you showcase your skills and talents and make your resume stand out from the crowd!

– Understanding why your job search is not about YOU

– The importance of tailoring your resume

– Creating the Achievement-Driven Resume

– Includes sample resume


Many of today’s best jobs are never advertised. This book can show you how to network effectively to discover those hidden opportunities. By providing real-world examples and samples of actual dialogues and techniques, even the most introverted person can learn to make new connections and build relationships with those in a position to help you land that job!

– Learn the different types of networking conversations

– Learn the wrong way, and the right way, to network

– Even the reluctant extrovert can learn to network effectively


The job interview is one of the most crucial, and probably nerve-wracking, steps in your job search. This is your opportunity to impress your potential employer and prove you’re the best candidate for the position. This book will show you unique and innovative ways to prepare and transform that interview opportunity into a paycheck!

– Learn to prepare for behavioral interviews using the STAR method

– Review possible Non-Behavioral interview questions

– Have your own list of questions ready

– Learn proper after-interview etiquette

About the Author:

Doug Poynter is a real life Career Counselor who understands what it’s like to lose a job and have to start over. He spent 13 years with Circuit City Stores, first as a salesperson, then a sales trainer, before creating a Coach position that resulted in the creation of the Associate Development program. When he was laid off, he used the same techniques he will show you in this book to find and land a position with Lee Hecht Harrison, the # 1 Talent Development and Outplacement organization in the world. Currently a Certified Career Coach and Consultant with Lee Hecht Harrison, he’s helped hundreds of people just like you find the career of their dreams!

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