ChaincoverChain of Command, Colby Marshall

The road to the Oval Office is paved in blood…The simultaneous assassinations of the President and Vice President catapults the Speaker of the House into the White House as the first female President of the United States. Evidence points to a former Navy SEAL as one of the assassins.

Relegated to writing sidebar stories instead of headlines, journalist McKenzie McClendon composes a scathing story about the Navy training killers, igniting the fury of the alleged assassin’s former partner.

Former Navy SEAL Noah Hutchins doesn’t believe his partner could have committed the heinous crime. They’d endured the horrors of Afghanistan together. His buddy was a hero, not a murderer.

No one who knows the truth is safe… Thrown together in a search for the truth—and a career-making story—McKenzie and Noah must unravel a dangerous web of lies that includes a radical foreign faction, a violent ultra-feminist group, and corrupt politicians willing to kill to keep their secrets. And an assassin who is still on the loose.

His next targets are already in his crosshairs…

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tradeThe Trade, Colby Marshall

Stolen lives…Reporter McKenzie McClendon is on the trail of her next hot story, tracking a sadistic serial killer known as The Cradle Robber. This brutal murderer preys on pregnant women, slicing their infants from their wombs, leaving the helpless women to die while he disappears with their babies.

The trade of innocents…Jonas Cleary is out of options. McKenzie, his former sweetheart, is his last hope. Jonas believes his slain wife was The Cradle Robber’s first victim and that his son is still alive, lost in the underground world of the black market baby trade, where ruthless people are happy to prey on the desperation of those willing to pay any price to have a child, and infants are just another commodity.

Before another one dies…Aided by former Navy SEAL Noah Hutchins and a clever FBI data specialist, McKenzie races to unravel the web of lies, drawing dangerously closer to the ruthless, brilliant surgeon at the heart of the maze. With a child’s future hanging in the balance, the lives of five people careen toward a terrifying collision. It’s up to McKenzie to discover which key will unlock the puzzle, and which will get her killed.

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Changes-WylerChanges, Allen Wyler

A chance to live life over again… Fifty-five-year-old cardiologist Chris Holden lies dying of a heart attack on the side of a mountain, near the place his son vanished five years earlier. As death nears, he wonders what it would be like if he had the chance to live his life over again, with the wisdom he has already gained.

A new beginning… Joel Holden never wanted to be like his hard-driving, joyless father. Joel has his own dreams, and when the chance comes to disappear—to begin life again on his own terms—he abandons the past to forge his own future. What he can’t escape are the mistakes he made. And the men who want him dead.

A past that cannot be escaped… Chris awakens to find himself in his son’s body—younger, stronger, his wisdom and experiences blended with Joel’s thoughts and memories. He lives again, but at a cost. Wisdom may not be enough to save him when the mistakes of Joel’s past risk bringing Chris’s second chance at life to a swift and deadly end.


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desolationrowDesolation Row (Austin Starr Mysteries), Kay Kendall

The flight to avoid the killing… It’s 1968. The Cold War is hot, the Vietnam War is raging, and the women’s movement is beating a far-distant drum. When Austin Starr’s husband decides to protest the war by emigrating from Texas to Canada, she goes along, with the biblical dictate of “whither-thou-goest I will go” ringing in her ears.
Leads to murder… No activist herself, Austin is homesick, drowning in culture shock, and now, her husband has been accused of murdering a fellow draft resister, the black-sheep son of a U.S. Senator. Alone and ill-equipped to negotiate in a foreign country, she is befriended by Larissa Klimenko, the daughter of Austin’s Russian history professor.

A desperate race to find the truth… The Mounties aren’t supposed to harass draft-age boys but the truth is very different, especially when political pressure is applied by both the victim’s father and the Canadian prime minister’s office. They may have a reputation for always getting their man, but Austin is convinced this time they have the wrong one. Once courted by the CIA, and a lover of mystery and espionage novels, Austin launches her own investigation into the murder. When ominous letters warning her to stop her sleuthing turn into death threats, Austin must find the real killer or risk losing everything. Her love—and her life—are on the line.

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singstothedeadWho Sings to the Dead, Max Tomlinson

A champion for the lost…Peruvian National Police officer Nina Flores of the Tourist Division is a haunted woman. In a country still trying to purge the memory of the Shining Path insurgency, Cusco swarms with Easter week tourists. Nina’s duty is to protect them, but her heart also aches for the lost children of the streets, including five-year-old beggar girl, Sach’a.

In a country where life is cheap…Like too many others in Peru’s dark past, Sach’a suddenly disappears. The suspected abductor reminds Nina of the pishtacos of mountain lore—tall pale ghosts who steal children. Then an elderly woman from a remote mountain village contacts Nina with a plea: find the man who led a military death squad responsible for disappearing her son during the country’s twelve year struggle against Shining Path rebels.

Danger lurks in every shadow…Believing the cases to be linked, Nina defies her superiors to continue her investigation. After she is assaulted by a mysterious attacker, even Nina’s ex-lover, a member of Peru’s feared national security branch, wants her to drop the chase. Forming a shaky alliance with a brutal member of a drug cartel, Nina plunges into the Amazon jungle, on the hunt for an innocent child and the ghostly stranger who may hold the key to all the secrets. But in a country still haunted by the dirty war, trusting the wrong person can be deadly.

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operationgenocideOperation Genocide, Yvonne Walus

An inhuman agenda…In 1982, Annette Pretorius lives the life of privilege afforded to those of European descent in South Africa. But when her husband is murdered, she discovers a shattering secret: he’d been commissioned by the whites-only South African government to develop a lethal virus aimed at controlling the growth of the black population, already disenfranchised under the cruel system of apartheid.

A clandestine organization…Captain Trevor Watson, Annette’s ex-boyfriend, is appointed to lead the investigation, in spite of the cloud of suspicion hanging over his head. There are those who believe he betrayed his own race when he refused to shoot into a crowd of protesting black children. That decision came at a high cost. He’s lost his religion, his friends, and the trust of his superiors.

And the killing isn’t over yet…The murder came with a warning to Annette from a secretive organization: keep our secrets or you die too. Watson’s loyalty is tested as the evidence stacks up against his high school sweetheart. When the investigation points in a terrifying direction, Annette and Watson are faced with a wrenching choice: protect those they love or let millions of innocents face extermination.

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cortesCurse of Cortes, Don Weiss

A killer reborn…When a child is diagnosed with smallpox, epidemiologist Mackey Dunn is charged with tracking down the source of the deadly virus before panic spreads and a terrifying pandemic is unleashed. FBI agent Charo Chen of the Joint Terrorism Task Force is assigned to assist Dunn in his hunt. More accustomed to pursuing child pornographers, she is in unfamiliar territory tracking infectious diseases, especially one believed to have been eradicated decades before.

A lethal artifact…A fifteenth century relic may hold a clue to the reemergence of the extinct disease. During the Mexican American War, soldiers assigned to a mission in Mexico City find the museum being looted. Precious artifacts are rescued, but then disappear during transport. Hidden in darkness, the lost treasure may have contained more than just precious jewels. Now someone has disturbed an ancient secret that has survived the centuries to kill again.

A fortune worth more than life…Smallpox is not the only killer on the loose. While Dunn and Chen race to contain the infection and pinpoint the source, someone is murdering the survivors. As the pressure intensifies to discover who is silencing the victims, precautions fail and a life hangs in jeopardy. Dunn and Chen discover they may be pursuing something even more lethal than smallpox—someone willing to endanger the world to keep a treasure.

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deadromansDead Romans, David J. Cord

The Shepherd’s Tale…Daphnis knows he is the best shepherd in his beloved countryside, even if he is only a little slave boy. But when he fails to meet the demands of his cruel master, Pericles, his sister is sold into a life of depravity in Ephesus, at the height of the Roman Empire. Distraught, Daphnis escapes to the great city in search of her. He hopes to change Pericles’ heart, but instead finds someone else who might aid him: Panthea, the Roman emperor’s mistress.

The Mistress’ Tale…Despised by the rich and powerful as nothing more than the emperor’s low-born plaything, beautiful Panthea has endured a lifetime of abuse and manipulation. The emperor’s wife threatens her. A brutal businessman is blackmailing her. Panthea finds relief from her hellish existence through the soothing shepherd’s music of a charming little slave boy, and through the sweet pastoral poetry written for her by the baker, Aristides.

The Writer’s Tale…Although Aristides’ gentle poetry has charmed the emperor’s mistress, what he truly desires is to acquire a literary patron and become a successful writer. His chance comes when he is asked to write a glowing biography for the businessman, Pericles. But as Aristides discovers the dark truth about his patron, his conscience torments him. Aristides hesitates to write such lies, but the dream of fame beckons. Besides, what is a little slave boy or the emperor’s mistress to him, anyway?

A city under siege…As the social fabric of Ephesus frays under the onslaught of a remorseless killer, their lives hang in the balance. Love and honor will be tried in one final, anguished crucible. And one woman may hold the key to all their salvation: a ship that will be the last to flee a desperate city.

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daringtoloveDaring to Love (Intrepid Women Book 3), Kathryn Jane

A woman who reads hearts…“Help me…” As an empath working for an organization dedicated to locating missing children, Liz MacKenzie is accustomed to using her unique abilities to sense the emotions of others. She’s not accustomed to hearing them call for her. That’s the specialized skill of a telepath.

A man who reads minds…Galen Keifer’s special method of interrogation involves telepathic seduction, a technique that drove away the love of his life two years ago. In spite of their rocky past, Liz has reached out to him again. He’s the one man who may be able to discover the truth about the mysterious voice calling to her.

A voice from the darkness…Liz can’t ignore the child’s voice, one that may be connected to a dark secret in her past. Barely recovered from her last rescue mission, she doesn’t trust her own senses, or a man who uses seduction in such a devastating way.? But with the possibility of a child’s life in danger, Liz and Galen can’t afford to let it get personal again. Finding the child comes first, even though their hearts and minds are daring them to love…

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