Extended Fiction Work Order

Extended Fiction (Product Description) Work Order

NOTE: This kind of cover copy/blurb is best suited as a full product description for a book that is part of a series or for a multi-published author. The completed project will include a “blurb” that is suitable for the back of a printed book or jacket copy for the specific book described in the first section. The full copy will also include descriptions of associated works in the series, intended for use as an Amazon Product Description or similar use. See examples on the Romance Portfolio tab.

Please fill in all fields as completely as possible, then press “Submit” at the end to send the information. You will receive a response in less than 24 hours with a projected completion date. If this is acceptable, you will then be invoiced via PayPal. Work begins after payment is received.

Work Description: Provide a description and key plot points, as much as you’d like. If you have an existing blurb, include it here. If you have a synopsis, you’ll be asked to include it under Synopsis.

Genre: use as many as you need, i.e. “young adult historical romance”, or “extraplanetary space alien Western”, or “adventure comedy”.

Setting: The setting description can be as simple or complex as you like, for instance, “present day Boston.” Or “Set on the planet Xorg in the 23rd Quatrain Year, a water-based world in the third galaxy, values honesty and free-expression, ruled by vicious overlord.”

Characters: Use as many adjectives as you can think of when describing characters. For example, “Susan Smith is a tall, blonde, female, gawky, socially awkward, dreamer, journalist who loves cupcakes, Chopin, and her cat, Mr. Biggie. Becomes invisible in the moonlight.” Please be sure to include the name of the character as it should appear in the blurb. (If there are more than 2 protagonists, add the same information under Additional Information.) Descriptions of goals and obstacles (conflict/stakes) are required and can be either internal or external, although external goals generally make for more enticing copy for genre fiction.

First Five Pages: Please insert the first five pages of the novel (or any section you prefer of about 1250 words). This provides a feel for the ‘voice’ and tone of the novel so the blurb can be developed to match.

Synopsis: OPTIONAL. A synopsis should be approximately 1-5 single spaced pages that includes key plots points and outcomes. It is NOT required.

Series Description: Describe the series this book is a part of, including the sequence, such as “This is the third book in the McCoy Family saga, tales of battle and forbidden love in Appalachia. They are companion books to the Hatfield Family saga.” List all other books in the series, in reading order, including any that you know for sure are to be published in the future (with dates such as “Coming in April 2018”).

Author biography/credentials: OPTIONAL. Provide your author bio. Include awards/accolades such as “Award Winning”, “New York Times best seller”, etc. as well as your web site and other social media, etc.

Editorial Praise: OPTIONAL. Editorial praise or blurbs from other authors.

Additional Information: Any additional information you think will be helpful to include in the blurb.

Where did you her about BlurbCopy?: Friend, web search, chat group, other?

*NOTE: If you require a full manuscript reading, please send it as a separate .doc or .docx attachment to info@blurbcopy.com. Please include the Title in the subject line. Additional fees apply. See Payment Information on the Services tab

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