Non-Fiction Work Order

Work Order

Please fill in all fields as completely as possible, then press “Submit” at the end to send the information. You will receive a response in less than 24 hours with a projected completion date. If this is acceptable, you will then be invoiced via PayPal. Work begins after payment is received.

Work Description: Provide a description of the work. If you have an existing blurb, include it here. If you have a synopsis, you’ll be asked to include it under Synopsis. Be as complete as possible.

Genre: describe as completely as possible, i.e. “young adult biography”, “political science for dummies”, “how to find a sales job” etc. .

Table of contents: If necessary, include descriptions of each chapter, or a line or two explaining each topic.

Target audience and/or Benefits: Describe your target audience and how/why they will benefit from reading this book. An example might be “this book is targeted to young adults to teach them about the French Revolution” or “this book is targeted to management types to help them improve sales by 20%”. Include as many detaisl and/or objectives as you’d like.

Comparable books: List 3-5 similar books or competing works, including author names.

Author biography/credentials: Provide your author bio, your credentials/inspiration for writing this book, other works you’ve published, your web site and other social media.

First Five Pages: Please insert the first five pages of the book (or any section you prefer of about 1250 words). This provides a feel for the ‘voice’ and tone of the work so the blurb can be developed to match.

Synopsis: OPTIONAL. A synopsis should be approximately 1-5 single spaced pages.

Additional Information: Any additional information you think will be helpful to include in the blurb.

Where did you hear about BlurbCopy?: Friend, web search, chat group, other?

*NOTE: If you require a full manuscript reading, please send it as a separate .doc or .docx attachment to Please include the Title in the subject line. Additional fees apply. See Payment Information on the Services tab

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